Rethinking Website Management in 2017

Are you a business owner or responsible for managing a website? The web is constantly changing and many important updates have taken place recently that can have a big impact on your website, leads going to your business and your bottom line.

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Pay Per Click Ad Management

In 2016, big changes have taken place with the leading search engine and sidebar ads have been removed. There are now 4 ads being displayed before any organic results and in many cases the map pack is displayed directly below the paid ads. There is now a paid ad being displayed in the map pack so that means 5 ads before any organic listings.

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web design maintenance tips

If you are responsible for a website are you aware of the following items and putting effort into maintaining a valuable company asset?

Are your marketing efforts compliant with CASL spam laws? You need specific verbiage on your contact forms, must collect specific information within your database and must respect the contact rules for anyone that opens your email within Canada.

Article by Astriden
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How to get traffic to your small business website by improving your SEO

If you are a small business owner such as a plumber, arborist or locksmith then you know that continuous business leads are essential for your success. So where do you get these quality lead sources? Pay per lead, pay per click, and organic search engine rankings are the typical approach and all can be very expensive and overwhelm your marketing budget.

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