Advantages of Professional PPC Advertising Management for Website Leads

In 2016 BIG search engine changes have taken place. The right hand side ads are gone and now 4 ads are displayed before any organic results. Additional ads are now being displayed in the map pack. Similar to organic rankings, PPC ads also use an algorithm to determine how much you will be charged, where your ad will be displayed on the page and how often your ads will appear. It is now essential for a business to work with an expert that understands the algorithms and can get your results and stop wasted ad spending. Organic search engine rankings have been very volatile this year and no small business should solely rely upon one method for traffic generation.



  • Campaign setup, optimization, maintenance, refinement, and reporting
  • Quality Score optimization
  • Ad Extension management
  • 20 years experience in web development, marketing, and search engine optimization


Contact me to see how I can either setup or improve your PPC campaign so you business can get a competitive advantage over your competition. I have a strong background in all aspects of web management and marketing if you need additional help too.

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Hi, I’m Dan and I own a digital marketing agency located in Santa Cruz, CA. In my spare time, I love to surf and play golf. I started out in the web industry over 20 years ago and created websites as a hobby. I started my career by offering custom programming to mostly companies outside the U.S. I then transitioned into a front-end web developer and worked with many Silicon Valley tech startups. I’ve worked mostly in the marketing department with marketing managers and outside consulting agencies where I expanded my skill set and continued to adapt to the ever changing web design field. I’ve always had an interest in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and have recently embarked upon this full time. From my experience in this journey, I know many web developers that think they know SEO as well as SEO individuals that think they are well-versed in web development. Both fields are very technical and constantly changing so it’s rare to find a person with a strong background in both fields. Complete the form and I’ll implement a free review of your website and will provide some valuable tips on how to improve your website and grow your business. Let’s get started…

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