Gain More Leads By Choosing Us To Manage Your PPC Advertising!

Below is the video explaining some change that are talking place in 2016 that can have an impact on your business. Contact me to learn how to rank your PPC ads above the competition and at the same time lower your PPC costs!



Bonus Tip #1

Local Map Pack listing have been extremely volatile the last few months so it’s important form small business owners to consistently check there ranking and have a backup plan that can immediately generate leads. Checking listings manually is a waste or time and needs to be done in private mode so that personalized results don’t skew the rankings. I use software that automatically checks clients rankings on a daily basis and this way I can turn on specific PPC campaigns if there are an changes in map rankings.

Bonus Tip #2

Reviews are an essential part for not only the search engine algorithms but also create social proof for potential customers. Reviews can be integrated into your PPC campaigns as well as many other tricks that will generate you more real estate and visibility on the search engine result pages.

Bonus Tip #3

I’ve been involved in the web development business for over 15 years and have an extensive background in programming, web development, digital marketing and search engine optimization. I wear a lot of hats, get things done quickly and efficiently, and very easy to work with. Contact me to see how I can improve your business.

To contact Dan please reply to the email that was sent to you or complete the contact form.

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