web design maintenance tips

If you are responsible for a website are you aware of the following items and putting effort into maintaining a valuable company asset?

Are your marketing efforts compliant with CASL spam laws? You need specific verbiage on your contact forms, must collect specific information within your database and must respect the contact rules for anyone that opens your email within Canada.

The last time your did a website redesign, do you correctly implement 301 redirects for all url’s and image paths? If not, you made a massive SEO blunder and the signals built to the previous url’s are now useless.

Have you implemented website recording software so you can discover and fix technical problems, bad user experience and navigational issues?

Is your website secure? Do you have a recent backup of the website, have the most recent CMS release installed and the most recent plugins updated on the server? Have you properly implemented rel canonical tags to protect you website from bad links?

Are you keeping an eye on your competition and keeping updated with the latest trends? Do you actively monitor SERP results so you can adjust traffic sources when necessary. Are you aware when your website is in the search engine sandbox and avoid changing content and backlinks accordingly?

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